aches. EP

by aches

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This is my first release with more than one song on it. I sincerely hope you enjoy it.

Please click the "lyrics" button next to the song title and the "download" button because my music is very heavily rooted in the fact that my lyrics are very very important to me.

Released by Immolation Records


released May 19, 2013

Written, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered on the weekend of May 17th by Griffin Silver



all rights reserved


aches Marlboro Township, New Jersey

Griffin Silver

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Track Name: Self Pity Is The Stupidest Habit, It's Never Ending (S.P.I.T.S.H.I.N.E)
are you waiting for sunshine or anything new to catch your eye? you're a no-getter, who thinks sitting doing nothing might make things better. getting cozy in a basement, while all your potential is wasted surfing the internet. you're learning slowly to just forget. yeah your drowning in a cesspool, smells like the halls of your high school. "take one more hit!" is it really ever worth it? all your habits enabled, your friends whose lives are unstable; when will you learn that you're just different? the scrutiny that you perceive from others is a fallacy. i'm positive that no one cares about you but yourself. every other conversation comes around to how you gotta get your shit together, but your shit's in your head in a lockbox. so search hard for words or art to make the loneliness feel a bit better. diet coke and pop rocks simmer down. it's an excuse to act like a recluse shitting on yourself. where's the fire, the primitive desire to have a story interesting to tell?
Track Name: Quitter
do you remember the last time you said you loved yourself? probably not cause you forgot ever saying it to anyone else. where's the sense of propriety being a slave to anxiety? you can't keep your dignity with your own mind kicking you in the teeth. red feather falling on your head, you keep it safe underneath your bed, hoping one day a phoenix will arise and set your bed on fire (a future too admired) and take you with it. i think it's fine that i'm losing hope, cause i'll send my middle finger in an envelope to your mom; i hope she likes the stamps because i don't. Jackie Robinson was a quitter! skin soap needed for a little spring clean, the curves of the self-effacing "prom queen" needs to scrub underneath the folds… i wish she had hands, but i like love handles to hold. stop being sad. start being grateful. all the things you have, you didn't have to work for. there's no telling what you'll think in a week, if you'll lie to your friends about the things that you see so don't make assumptions, they're all based on nothing good. so eat your veggies, "be" an ""artist,"" ring in the new year, focus on being selfless, keeping friends and keeping promises.